Q: What if I don't already have Ableton Live?

A: Well, if you've got some money laying around, you can buy it here. If not, you can still use my Sample Pack! Along with the Ableton Live Project file, I've included a folder with all the individual notes saved neatly as .wav files. You can use them to create your own sampler-device or drag them into your DAW of choice.   


Q: Will these samples work in Ableton Live 10?

A: Yes!

Q: I have Ableton Live 9, but I haven't upgraded to 9.5. Will this instrument work on older versions?

A: I'm really, really sorry, but no. Ableton has made it purposely difficult to backtrack, and I cannot provide a PanSamples Pack for Live 9.2 or older. However, you still have two options: You can either upgrade to Live 9.5 (for free), or you can just use the samples I've included, which are saved as plain .wav files. If you're on an older version of Live, you can just create a new instrument rack, and drag the .wavs in. (see first question)


Q: How were the samples recorded? Did you really sample 5 octaves of Handpans?

A: Real Handpans don’t have a 5 octave range. The PanSamples Pack was created by carefully recording my personal Handpan (C3,  G3  Ab3  Bb3  C4  D4  Eb4  G4) and digitally re-pitching the notes to create a 5 octave library (chromatic, C1-C6). In the middle of the range (C3-C5), the instrument sounds perfectly natural, since this is the range that real Handpans are tuned in. The lower two octaves (C1-C3) are basically an acoustic “sub-bass”, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the low end of any electronic music. The highest octave (C5-C6) sounds a bit like a Steel Drum, but with a more angelic sound. 

I’ve also included a small collection of harmonic samples: one octave (G4-G5) of the center note’s second-harmonic (a 12th above the fundamental) re-pitched accordingly, and with the “thuddy” fundamental EQ’d out, as well as one pitch-bend sample (C4) of its first-harmonic. 

*Note: All features, macros, settings, etc are entirely changeable. Feel free to edit this instrument in any way you’d like! 


Q: What is this "Handpan" thing, anyways?

These magnificent instruments.

Read more about the them here:


Q: Why buy from me, when you could buy from These Guys?  

Well, to be honest, my PanSamples Pack is just way cheaper ($7, instead of $139). Soniccouture has an excellent sample library, and its quality definitely exceeds mine. If you're willing to drop the money for a huge (7GB) pack, I can't argue... 

That being said, I believe the timbre of my samples has a bit more warmth: their samples tend to sound more like SPB Handpans or PanArt Hangs, which have rather thwacky, percussive timbres, while mine were recorded on a Pantheon Steel Halo, which offers less attack, but warmer sustain. It's just preference.