New MAIRZ Album: 

'The Quiet Cabin'

The Quiet Cabin Art
The Quiet Cabin (2018) blends elements of old-school hip-hop, ambient electronic, and contemporary jazz to create a vague, impressionistic tapestry of color. Desaturated blues, greens, and oranges swirl around each other, dancing on top of dark-gray drumbeats that meditate deep in the pocket of space between organic and synthetic sound. Where one texture fades, another brightens, the result an eclectic forest of unlikely variety; an ecosystem within a computer. 

MAIRZ is my electronic music project, a hobby that often consumes 90% of my waking free-time. For me, creating electronic music is my way of breaking free of the restrictions imposed by real-life instruments. After spending years composing works for chamber, percussion, and orchestral groups intended to be performed by real musicians in a physical space, I experienced a massive creative breakthrough when I began composing on my computer with a mixture of real and synthetic sounds. Using Ableton Live, composition became something totally new, and my music evolved into something entirely different – a fusion of chamber music, hip-hop drums, jazzy harmonies, and soothing ambience.