Handpan Sample Library (V2.1)

Hear the sample pack in action:

"I first saw a busker playing the Handpan in Melbourne, and I loved the sound of it so much! PanSamples has

done the instrument more than justice, so thank you!"

Experience One of the World's Rarest Instruments

My 5-octave Handpan sample library was created specifically for Ableton Live 9 users, and can be installed quickly with absolutely no complications. Playing and composing with the instrument requires no previous experience, and for overall efficiency, it comes with two panels of pre-set Macros to quickly adjust qualities like Delay, Reverb, Attack, Sustain, Release, Transposition, and even artificial Vibrato. 

Preview a few of the samples:

Current Version (2.1)


Get started with only a few clicks

Simply purchase the PanSamples Pack, and you'll be guided to download a "Live Pack" file. Open the Live Pack file, and it'll prompt you to choose a location for the Handpan2.1 Project folder. Then just open the .ALS file contained within the new Project folder, and start playing! 

To save the instrument to your User Library, simply click on the Handpan2.1 stem, and click the "Save" icon in the Handpan2.1 box. The instrument will save into your Live library, and you'll be able to use it in any future project by dragging the instrument onto a blank MIDI-Stem. (See Video Below)

(If you'd like to play the instrument in real-time, use your laptop keyboard, or hook up a MIDI-piano to Ableton! Learn more here!)