Filmed and recorded by yours truly. Single camera edit.

Quality Guarantee: I don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality product I can create for you and your music. For me, the music comes before the money, so if you aren’t happy with the product I give you, you won’t pay a dime.


Live Recording

Need your concert recorded? I provide on-location recording for churches, bars, live music venues, concert halls, student recitals, and more.

I prefer to book events a month or more in advance, but if it's short-notice, I'll do my best to accommodate! 

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Home Studio

My home studio is located about 25 minutes outside of downtown Lexington, and provides a variety of spaces for bands up to about 5 members.

Large Room: 25' wooden ceilings, wooden floor, large windows overlooking the forest. Excellent for strings, guitar, wind instruments, vocals, and chamber groups. Home of my electric baby-grand piano.

Small Studio: Wooden ceilings, carpet floor, rugs. Best for close-miking a drum set or other percussion instruments. 4-piece Tama drum kit provided. 

Lower Floor: Standard-height ceilings, carpet floor, natural light. Plenty of space for a 5 piece band. Acoustics aren't great, but it's a nice space for D.I. guitar/bass.


Mixing & Mastering

My fees vary on a case to case basis (depending on the number of songs, length of the songs, and complexity of instrumentation), but here are some safe estimates:

Mixing: $200 per song, ~$1,800 for an album (9 - 12 songs)

Mastering: $25 per song, ~$200 for an album (9 - 12 songs)