A collection of some of my favorite shots from 2018. Everything you see here lit with natural or practical light; no cinema lights, no production crew, no scripts – just me with my Sony A7S II, putting myself in the right place at the right time.

The voiceover was pulled from a couple of interviews I've conducted:

Speaker 1: An aerial silk artist tells me about the feeling of practicing his craft in the open air.
Speaker 2: A farmer from Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands tells me about the destruction in the months after Cat 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria.
Speaker 3: A woman from Saint Thomas tells me about her experience working with the hurricane response volunteers who came to help her rebuild her day care facility.


Little Blossom Daycare Rebuild

A video I created for All Hands and Hearts, a volunteer-powered disaster response NGO working in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

Our volunteer teams worked six days a week for seven straight weeks to help Mr. and Mrs. Little rebuild their daycare. 

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Carnival 2018

Some footage from Carnival 2018, taken during the Children's Parade and the Adults' Parade. Music: Vantage Point by William Ryan Fritch

The second video (right arrow button) features some footage I took at J'ouvert, a giant street party that begins at 4:00 AM. Unfortunately it started raining after about an hour, forcing me to pack up the camera before it got really exciting. 

Game Of Thrones Handpan Cover

Thee audio was recorded and mixed in my home studio, and every sound you hear came from these two Handpans (made by Pantheon Steel and Aura Handpan). While road-tripping through the Arizona desert, I impulsively stopped at a cool rock formation and shot this video. Since I was alone, I had to rely on static tripod shots, running back and forth between the camera and the instruments.

Over The Rainbow

Based on the iconic song from The Wizard of Oz, this jazzy rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow disguises the famous melody in unique harmonies and creative dissonances. I shot this video by myself with a single Canon Rebel T1i, well before I began getting serious about videography. Running back and forth between the marimba and the camera, I compiled the footage from four or five takes at different angles and hacked together this cut.