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Recording and Production

Need a sound engineer on a budget? Whether it’s recording your band, mixing your demo track, or mastering your new single, I can meet your needs. Coming from a background in classical music, prestigious marching-percussion, and traditional composition, I don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality product I can create for you and your music. For me, the music comes before the money, so if you aren’t happy with the product I give you, you won’t pay a dime.

Here are some of the services I offer:
– On-Site Recording
– Concert Recording
– Minimal Studio Recording
– Detailed Editing/Consulting
– Mixing
– Mastering
– Concert Hall Recording (Singletary Center for the Arts, Lexington, KY)
– Front of House Mixing

Just email me at connorshafran@me.com introducing yourself and explaining your project proposal, and we’ll get to work!

Here’s a rundown of my standard pricing:


Listen to examples of my recording and/or post-production:

“Over The Rainbow” for marimba. Performed, recorded/filmed, and edited by yours truly:


To contact me about commissioning rates and availability, email me at connorshafran@me.com


Continental Divide for Minimal Percussion Quartet
(Performed by the Portland Percussion Group)

The Game of the Century for Two Chess Players
(Performed by Eric Poe and Connor Shafran)

Ephemera for Vibraphone and Electronics
(Performed by Matthew Geiger)

Blaue Blume for Solo Steel Pan
(Performed by a young Connor)

The Kola Superdeep Borehole for Percussion Quartet
(Performed by the University of Kentucky Percussion Group)

Marguerite’s Duet for Bass Clarinet and Piano
(Performed by Andrew Burton and Julian Bryson)


Recent Performances:

Mar. 10, 2016 – The Kola Super Deep Borehole for percussion quartet
Performed by the UK Percussion Ensemble
Singletary Center, Recital Hall, 3:00pm

Feb. 27, 2016 – Mostly Harmless for solo marimba
Performed by UK Undergrad Eliot Johnson
Singletary Center, Concert Hall, TBA

List of compositions:


blaue blume – tenor pan

ephemera – vibraphone & electronics

maïthéna et la falaise – violin (w/ piano)

marguerite’s duet – bass clarinet (w/ piano

mostly harmless – marimba

o come, o come, emmanuel – marimba arrangement

whose up – alto saxophone

untitled chaconne for cello (w/ piano)


the game of the century – two chess players

howl’s themes for marimba – two marimbas

kaolin – vibraphone and cello

kettle cooked – bassoon and hand percussion

umi aa – multi percussion duet

untitled duet for vibraphone and piano


five point twelve – trumpet quintet

drunken dance – clarinet quartet w/ bodhran

the festive dance of the charlotte, north carolina airport – trumpet, marimba, cajon

the kola super deep borehole – two vibraphones, two marimbas

linden oak – flute trio

somatic assembly – reed quintet (oboe, b-flat clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, bass clarinet)

the summit, part one: sayan – string quartet

the summit, part three: continental divide – percussion quartet

take on me (arr., a-ha) – brass quintet

this is nimitta – percussion quartet w/ piano (aluphone, crotales/cajon, 2 vibraphones)


aurelia – wind symphony, solo alto saxophone

film for the lonely – percussion ensemble (crotales or aluphone, glockenspiel, vibraphone(2), marimba(2), multi percussion(2))

liebe lia, – wind symphony

the summit, part two: monte cervino – men’s chorus

symphony no. 1 (unfinished) – orchestra and full satb choir

the last dream of passchendaele – tone poem for full orchestra (requires two or more contrabassoons or contra fortes)

wrath – wind symphony

Published by Tapspace Percussion


Pan Samples . com

I’m now offering a custom made Handpan (Hang-Drum) sample library that comes with five chromatic octaves of individual pitches, one octave of natural ding-overtones, and two racks of pre-set macros for quicker editing.  


Mairz is my newest project, combining the the world of digitally produced music with the organic textures of live instrumentation. It’s created almost entirely out of warped and modified snippets of recorded improvisation by talented musicians like Jonathan Barrett, Jessie Zhu, Elizabeth Varnado, Joel Murtaugh, Jeremy Bass, Coty Taylor, Madison Ward, Anna-Lisa Gebhardt, and Aryana Misaghi. It’s highly influenced by modern downtempo, hip hop, and ambient music, but doesn’t stray too far from my roots in classical music.

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+1 859 200 5416

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Connor Shafran recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in both Music and German at the University of Kentucky, studying under James Campbell. While at UK, he was commissioned by several chamber groups and solo performers, presented at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research, and received premiers and recordings of original works by the UK Percussion Ensemble, the Apollo Clarinet Quartet, the UK Trumpet Quintet, and the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra in collaboration with the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2013, Connor received the Emerson full-tuition scholarship to attend the prestigious Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, and also won PIW World Championships with the indoor percussion group RHYTHM X. From ’14 through ’15, he won multiple composition contests, including the Portland Percussion Group’s “Nothing With Wheels,” the KMEA Annual Call for Scores, and the Lee University Percussion Ensemble Call for Scores. Recently, Connor has served as director of sound design for UK’s “The Promised Land” musical, Stage Manager for comedian and actor Nick Offerman, SFX Operator in UK Opera Theater’s Production of “Ragtime,” and director of sound design at the 2016 Idea Festival in Louisville, KY. In his free-time, Connor enjoys backpacking, slacklining, rock climbing, and a good cup of joe. To hire Connor for recording, editing, or production services, contact him at connorshafran@me.com

Photography by Eloy Gomez 


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