I wanted to practice using the BINK looper (a Max for Live plug-in), so I challenged myself to write a song that would simulate the most complicated aspects of scripted looping, such as layered polyrhythms, multi-channel looping with a single mic, fast-paced odd-time-signatures, etc. I did allow myself to use some quantization, but nothing too severe. I learned a lot from the whole process, and I'm looking forward to delving even further into this style.

Purple handpan: Pantheon Steel Halo - (C) G Ab Bb C D Eb G
Silver handpan: Aura Handpan - (C#) B C# E# F# G# A B C#

Handheld camera: Dirk Heilmann


The Quiet Cabin Art

The Quiet Cabin (2018) blends elements of old-school hip-hop, ambient electronic, and contemporary jazz to create a vague, impressionistic tapestry of color. Desaturated blues, greens, and oranges swirl around each other, dancing on top of dark-gray drumbeats that meditate deep in the pocket of space between organic and synthetic sound. Where one texture fades, another brightens, the result an eclectic forest of unlikely variety; an ecosystem within a computer.

Released February 16, 2018
Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Connor Shafran
Mastered by Eliot Johnson
"Treehouse" Mixed by Eliot Johnson

Sean Renner: Vocals (Wooden Eyes, Be Soon, Photographer, Quiet Child, The Quiet Cabin), Co-Composition (Quiet Child)
William Ronning: Violin (Winter Warm, Wooden Eyes, Be Soon, Film for the Lonely, Avawam Circle, Quiet Child, The Quiet Cabin)
Kristen Morrill: Violin (Winter Warm, The Garden, Photographer, The Quiet Cabin)
Cecilia Miller: Cello (Winter Warm, Treehouse, The Garden, Wooden Eyes, Be Soon, Film for the Lonely, Quiet Child, The Quiet Cabin)
Jonathan Barrett: Guitar (Winter Warm, Treehouse, The Garden, Wooden Eyes, Avawam Circle)
Jeremy Bass: Classical Guitar (Photographer, The Quiet Cabin)
Raleigh Dailey: Piano (Treehouse)
Elizabeth Varnado: Vocals (Treehouse, Wooden Eyes)
Alex Schaper: Piano (The Quiet Cabin)
Eliot Johnson: Drums (Wooden Eyes, Avawam Circle, Photographer)
Connor Shafran: Bass (Winter Warm, Treehouse, Wooden Eyes, Film for the Lonely, Avawam Circle, Photographer, The Quiet Cabin), Drums, Percussion, and Sampler (Winter Warm, Treehouse, The Garden, Film for the Lonely, The Quiet Cabin), Piano (The Garden, Wooden Eyes, Be Soon, Avawam Circle, Photographer, Quiet Child)

Album Art by Connor Shafran and Eloy Gomez

Special Thanks to Eliot Johnson. It wouldn't have been possible without you.